Operational Investors for the Long Term

Parabellum Investments is a privately-owned investment fund, combining capital with deep management experience. We apply both to boost the potential of mid-market companies in business services, FinTech, oilfield services and national security.

We work to make life a little better for our key stakeholders. For vendors seeking seasoned owner/operators, we prioritise their reputation, closing deals at pace and giving peace of mind that we are responsible custodians of their assets. For owners seeking investment, we bring the long-term view along with the financial and practical means to help their businesses evolve and reach new heights.


When we commit, we deliver

Whether working on buyouts or investments, our priority is to ease the process so that we can get on with what we do best – building great businesses.

Unencumbered by bureaucracy, we are pragmatic in our due diligence, qualifying opportunities and reaching a firm position quickly and efficiently. When we make an offer, we stand by it, and aim to close transactions within two months of their instigation.

We’ve completed many successful investments over the years, working with corporate vendors, public and private investors and owner/operators. With buyouts, our preference is to invest our own capital in taking over portfolio companies. But where it makes good business sense, we’ll work with co-investors and adopt minority positions. Whatever we do, we invest for the long term, with no pre-determined exit in mind – we don’t make money by “flipping” businesses.

Working only in sectors we know – business services, FinTech, oilfield services and national security gives us an edge in transforming performance. We are always hands-on with our portfolio companies, and know where and how to quickly make a difference, creating strategic focus, enhancing operational and sales performance, and generating new client opportunities through our extensive networks.

If you’d like to talk to us about your process or your business, please get in touch. We won’t waste your time.







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