Parabellum Investments

We have a strong track record in growing companies which offer technology-based solutions for international corporate clients. We don't just look for a valuation, but whether a clear and realistic growth plan can be implemented - in a sector we understand already or are interested in.

Our approach is intentionally opportunistic - we are always open to new opportunities, including businesses more aligned to our personal interests.


Razor Risk

Specialist developer and integrator of Financial Risk measurement and management solutions to support global Regulatory requirements.

  • Bought from Toronto and Montreal Exchange (TMX) 2016
  • Parabellum Investments was chosen as a buyer to build the business over higher bids
  • Sector and market synergies across other portfolio companies in the group
  • New international locations being added, recently Frankfurt and Dubai.

  • ieDigital is one of the few companies in which Parabellum Investments has a minority stake
  • London-based ieDigital provides digital banking services to banking and finance clients.

  • Parseq is a leading out-source provider of business services with over 50 UK and international clients
  • The business handles £15 bn payments, 20m images and 25m documents annually
  • Recently re-structured to focus on banking and financial services, Parseq has grown from one of the first acquisitions by Parabellum Investments
  • With 200 employees across four UK sites, Parseq is growing internationally and now has operations in Sofia, Bulgaria and Chennai, India.

Dexa Systems

Provider of Technology Services
  • Sold to management in 2012
  • Acquired by Parabellum Investments from Schlumberger in 2010
  • Based in Houston, Texas, Dexa Systems provides technology services to oilfield locations for companies across the oil and gas sector
  • The company was loss-making at the time of purchase. Parabellum Investments re-structured the business, bringing in new management.


Provider of outsourced Business Services

Provider of outsourced contact centre

  • Stellar was acquired by Parabellum Investments when it was loss-making in 2017
  • A provider of outsourced business services, Stellar had operations in the UK
  • Following a management re-structure, Parabellum Investments restored Stellar to profit and sold the company in 2018 alongside the Parseq Contact Centre sale.