Historically our focus has been on companies offering technology-based solutions to business clients in highly specialised and regulated international sectors, notably banking & financial services, defence and oilfield services, more recently expanding into enterprise software applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

Business Services

We have extensive experience helping businesses grow with investment which provide commercial IT services for international corporate clients.

  • IE Digital
  • Stellar
  • The Column Group

Banking & Finance

We operate extensively across this sector around the world, working with many of the worlds, leading banks and financial institutions – often through more than one of our companies.

  • Razor Risk
  • IE Digital

Oil field services

This was the specialist sector in which our founder (Rami Cassis) originally gained much of his international corporate experience and also in which our firm made its initial investments.

  • Dexa systems


We provide product serialisation software technology, notably for the global pharmaceuticals sector, which gives corporate clients authentication of supply and safeguards against potential counterfeiting.

  • Advanco