Corporate Disposals

Buying mid-sized companies as part of a process of corporate disposal is our speciality. We began working with some of our most successful businesses in this way and have a long and successful track record, dating from our acquisition of business process outsourcing from Schlumberger in 2010 – leading to the formation of our firm, now Parabellum Investments.

We understand corporate vendors

Having worked in large corporates ourselves, we understand the needs of vendors in such situations – notably the importance of safeguarding the selling company’s future reputation and being absolutely trustworthy. We are that safe pair of hands. 

We are not, however, a conventional private equity firm and we believe this makes us more attractive for companies and their advisors handling corporate disposal. 

Swift and simple sale process

Because we invest with our own money, made entirely through the success of previous investments, there are no investment committees to satisfy, no lengthy processes to go through, and no banks or other third-party investors sitting behind the scenes who also need to be consulted. 

This enables us to move swiftly, with discretion and minimal complications. We have been around a while, we know how things work, and we have confidence in our own commercial judgements. We recognise that a measure of risk is often a necessary part of the corporate disposal process and we’re not afraid of that. 

As a result, for both parties, the due diligence involved in reaching a deal is often simplified. We aim to make the process of selling a company as straightforward, quick and easy for you as it can be.

Entrepreneurial investors with a management mindset

And finally, but certainly not least important, is that we believe ourselves to be a great choice for the management team. As entrepreneurial investors, we are different from other sources of business finance and notably private equity. Our mindset and operational investment style makes for a more entrepreneurial approach and, combined with our international reach and experience,  works extremely well for many mid-market businesses.