About Parabellum Investments

Parabellum Investments is more personal and involved than many other investment firms you may come across.

For a boutique firm, we are truly international and bring operational experience as well as funding to our businesses.

We see ourselves as entrepreneurial investors, working with management teams to add value, making our own decisions and actively helping to drive growth.

Why choose us

Parabellum Investments mostly invests its own money, generated through growth the firm has helped to create. Unlike many others, we do not rely on third party funds.

We seek to identify strong growth opportunities, particularly for companies in specialist international sectors, and put our money behind management teams committed to developing the business.

Parabellum Investments typically gives management stakes of up to 20% - which is roughly double the industry standard.

Growth is our focus – we do not come in with our eyes on the exit – and we work closely with you to help achieve it.

How Parabellum Investments differs from other investors, notably in private equity

We invest our own funds

Parabellum Investments is not dependent on finance from banks or other third parties. We invest money raised from successful investments.

We make our own decisions

Free from the constraints of investment committees and external investors, we exercise our own commercial judgement and back companies we believe in.

We are an active partner

When we invest we do so because we can help to make your company successful. We know there’s no fixed time frame for this – so we don’t start with a fixed time to exit.

We believe in management

This is our own background and our style is operational, actively contributing to your success. Management teams working with us also gain roughly double as much equity as is the industry norm.

Meet the team

Rami Cassis

CEO and Founder
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Rob Littlewood


Alan Chan

General Counsel

Ewa Huff

Executive Assistant

Charles Evers

Financial Analyst

Tamer Nasser

Partner, Oil & Gas

International partners and associates