Our Approach

We only engage in a selected number of transactions but have a high success rate on those we progress.
For us, that’s down to a number of key factors:
  • We work only in sectors we know – in business services, FinTech, oilfield services and national security. We can move quickly because we understand the businesses we look at.
  • We invest our own money. There are usually no third parties or investment committees to answer to, and our due diligence is focused and efficient.
  • We don’t “price chip”. We establish a clear position up front that we only ever revisit in exceptional circumstances, a situation we’ve only had once over the years.
  • We aim to ensure alignment on approach with owners and management from the outset. That way we avoid disruptive conflict down the line.
  • We are steeped in operations. To us, that means so much more than occupying a board seat, and enables us to spot opportunity where others see only problems.
  • We recognise focus and clarity of direction as key to success in business. These are qualities we seek to instil quickly in the companies we invest in and support.
  • We understand the importance of protecting vendor reputation. That comes from looking after clients and employees.
  • We are long-term holders. We don’t have a set exit timeframe, if we exit at all.

Please do contact us to learn more.