About Us

At Parabellum Investments, our reputation has been hard won by building successful businesses from within and learning the tough lessons that only come when you run operations and your own money is at stake.

Our success is founded on running acquisition processes very efficiently with a small, tightly focused team, and actively managing portfolio businesses, drawing on our years of experience in operational and general management roles.

Established in 2011 by Rami Cassis, Parabellum Investments was initially the management vehicle to control Parseq PLC – part of our current portfolio – when it was taken private, continuing the work Rami and his team began in 2007.

Since then, we’ve taken companies through full investment cycles, managed turnarounds, and executed both buy and build and organic growth strategies. In nearly all our investments, we’ve put ourselves right at the management front line and established close oversight of business performance. We’ve strayed from this approach only once, with painful results – not a mistake we’ll make again.

We’ve worked and done deals in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. That means we understand cultural differences and quickly get to grips with deal dynamics. We benefit from a broad network of associates internationally, so securing the right advisors to support a pragmatic due diligence process is never an issue.

Ultimately, we believe the Parabellum Investments track record speaks for itself.

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